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Music For Ghosts

debut ambient album by TAETRO out now


Limited Edition Cassette Diorama

photo-output_0 9.JPG

Each cassette becomes a diorama handmade art piece you can display.



photo-output 78.JPG



Thank you to all you entered. 

FULL COMPETITION RULES: 1. Entries should be in the form of an original ambient track created using the provided audio samples. Entries should be uploaded to a public site like SoundCloud, YouTube etc. Video is not required but will be accepted. Final track should be 4 minutes or less. 2. Use of samples: Entries must use at least two of the provided audio samples. Additional sounds and samples may be used. Entrants should use their own field recording as a sound bed in their track. 3. Original work: Entries must be original work created specifically for this competition. Entries should not include any copyrighted material or infringe on the rights of others. 4. Submission deadline: Entries must be submitted by May 3rd 2023. Late entries will not be accepted. 5. Submission process: Entries should be submitted via the Google Form. 6. Judging: Entries will be judged on expressivity, creativity, emotion, and how well they use the provided samples to create an ambient track. 7. Rights: By entering the competition, entrants grant the artist the right to use their track in promotional materials, and to feature the track on the artist's website and social media channels. 8. Disqualification: The artist reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the eligibility criteria or that is deemed inappropriate or offensive or for literally any other reason I want.

Three winners will be chosen live on TAETRO's Twitch channel on May 5th, 2023. Prizes will include custom crocheted ghosts, custom limited edition tape, and Stylophone Gen X-1 Portable Synthesizer. 

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